Rumors are rife that Yahoo is working on creating a new social networking site called “Mosh” (two sources- – TechCrunch and Pronetadvertising report). If the news is true indeed, then this could be yet another attempt by Yahoo to gain a share in the social networking pie (its Yahoo 360° service has not been much of a success).

Yahoo’s move is clearly in tandem with the moves of its arch rival Google. Google with its Orkut site has a stake in the social networking pie, but both Yahoo’s and Google’s attempts have not been even partially as successful as those of Facebook or MySpace.

Collaboration services such as social networking are increasingly becoming part of netizen life. However, most of the sites implement a locked-in design where cross service collaboration is unavailable. The future is bound to see a change as opined by Marc Canter, CEO of Broadband Mechanics and founder of MacroMind (which later became Macromedia and was acquired by Adobe). Increasingly, social networking sites are making APIs available that let their users freely program on the sites services (Facebook releases API).

But a major change is due in terms of broad level standardization. And from a user’s perspective, it is indeed painful and time consuming to re-enter all that data and re-create all those networks when you join a new service. How many social networking sites do you regularly maintain and frequent? Take the poll.