TransferJet, the close proximity wireless transfer technology developed by Sony, will enable a high data transfer rate between mobile devices.

A snippet from EE Times:

Ko Togashi, deputy general manager of Sony’s network software development dept., told E.E.Times, “We reversed the basic principle in which this industry has been fighting in a variety of wireless technology battles. Rather than racing to offer a faster data rate at a longer distance, we asked ourselves, ‘what if we kept the wireless distance very short?'”

The technology is based on UWB, a high bandwidth low energy radio technology. Data transmission rates of 560 Mbps would herald a whole new generation of devices for a wire-free experience.

Back in college, I worked on a paper for use of UWB for inter-peripheral communication inside the PC. While it’s true that wireless technology cannot match the speeds offered by electronic transfer, close range wire free data transmission would be a great boost to consumer technology.

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