Sonu Cell processorIt appears that Sony has developed a prototype computer board that is based upon the famed Cell processor.

If you recall, the Cell processor is the fruit of a joint development project headed by IBM, Sony, and Toshiba. Working in tandem with eight sub-processors, it is able to delivery a whopping 230G Flops of power.

The prototype computer board in this case is small enough to be mounted into a 1-U sized server. It contains not only the Cell processor, but it also combines the Cell Broadband Engine microprocessor and RSX graphics processor.

The end result is a “high-power computing platform that goes beyond the power of the Cell chip alone.”

Whatever it is, the entire setup will be unveiled at the SIGGRAPH show that will take place from August 7 to 9 at the San Diego Convention Center.

You can read more here: Sony to show Cell computing board (Yahoo! News)

It beats me what kind of usage this prototype is aimed for though. Want to hazard a guess?