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Dinesh C. Sharma

Special to CNET

Chip designer Transmeta on Monday said Sony has licensed its LongRun2 technology, which is designed to boost semiconductor devices by cutting down their power uptake.

Transmeta said that LongRun2 extends the power management technology of a previous product, LongRun, by using a proprietary new approach for dynamic adjustment of threshold voltages. The dynamic adjustment is designed to stop transistor leakage that is not factored in when the chip is manufactured.

Transmeta has been facing rough weather, clocking huge losses for some time. Last week, it listed various steps, such as searching for a strategic partner and possible staff cuts, to stem the crisis. Also last week, Transmeta said it had licensed its LongRun2 technology to a third customer. It did not name Sony, but said the new licensee was a global consumer electronics company.

Transmeta also said it is looking for partners to help it continue chip production, as well as further develop strategies for licensing its technologies.