security has recommended that users concerned about security should

consider moving to Mac.. The top 10 malicious software applications are all

targeted at Windows machines, none of which are capable of infecting a machine

running Mac OS X. 

It is generally accepted that the reason for this is that

the majority of computers around the globe run Windows; therefore targeting

Windows machines is more profitable for creators of Malware. 

Sophos say “It seems likely that Macs will continue to be

the safer place for computer users for some time to come”, however Brian

Gammage of Gartner does not agree, saying “If you have smaller walls, you

attract less graffiti… There is nothing architecturally safer about Macs. If

everyone moved to them then the situation would change overnight”.

Both opinions are well founded, indeed if everybody switched

to Macs overnight then we may well see malicious software developers shift

their focus, but the reality is most users in the foreseeable future will stick

with Windows, therefore Macs will still offer a safer alternative for the few.