Microsoft Excel’s sort command lets you sort three fields at
once. But what if you need to sort four or more fields at one time? For
example, suppose you want to sort your customers in this order (the customers’
first names, last names, addresses, and cities are in columns A, B, C, and D,

  • Region
    (column E)
  • State
    (column F)
  • Zip
    Code (column G)
  • Sales
    (column H) within each zip code

To do this, you will need to run the sort function twice in
reverse order, as shown in the following steps:

    1. Select
      the data you want to sort.
    2. Go
      to Data | Sort.
    3. Select
      Sales from the Sort By drop-down box.
    4. Select
      Zip Code from the Then By drop-down box.
    5. Select
      State from the second Then By drop-down box.
    6. Click
    7. With
      the data still selected, go to Data | Sort.
    8. Select
      Region from the Sort By drop-down box.
    9. Click

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