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Sound off: Will Amazon's IT success boost use of Linux?

Online retailer has announced that the company has saved millions in IT costs by implementing the Linux operating system. Join the discussion on whether the news will help the Linux OS break into the mainstream. has credited the Linux open source operating system as a key reason why the major online retailer has saved millions in IT costs. As an IT manager, do you think Amazon’s announcement will help push Linux into the OS mainstream? If you are not already using Linux, are you planning to take a second look at the OS to replace Microsoft or UNIX servers? And if you are running Linux, has the OS reduced your IT costs?

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According to a CNET article about the quarterly report from Amazon, the company was able to cut its technology expenses by about 25 percent, from $71 million to $54 million.

The savings were driven by the implementation of a Linux-based technology platform that utilizes a less-costly technology infrastructure and offers an overall price reduction in data and telecommunication services, according to Amazon.

In the CNET article, IDC analyst Dan Kusnetzky said Amazon's experience could provide hard data for Linux proponents who believe that the OS can save corporations money.

"We've recently...found that Linux—if you look at the overall cost of ownership including the hardware, software, staffing, and purchasing and retirement costs—ends up being significantly less expensive than UNIX over a three-year period for things like Web serving," Kusnetzky said.

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Let us know how you feel about the implications of Amazon’s success with the Linux OS. Let us know by sending us an e-mail or by starting a discussion below.


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