I had to tell you all about two of my favorite things being brought together – D&D and Monty Python!  In this morning’s email is a note from Paizo, the publisher of Dungeon and Dragon magazines.  They have hidden 12 grails among the pages of their magazines and their website.  He who finds these grails, will get 5 – three sir – three (actually one) entry into the contest.  Prizes include Monty Python DVDs, CDs, t-shirts, empty halves of coconuts, and a variety of Spamalot gift items sold at the show on Broadway. Prize packs will be given at random to fifty of the entrants.

Grail imageWhile I know this reduces my chances of winning exponentially, I have already found the first 7, so I have a distinct advantage over those of you just reading this, and who don’t have Dungeon and Dragon sitting in their laps RIGHT NOW! (yeah obsessive-compulsive disorder!)