Today’s lead story in the IT News Digest newsletter was about splogging, which is what you get when you spam somebody’s blog. Check out the story: “Tempted by blogs, spam becomes ‘splog’.”

Here’s what I wrote in the newsletter, “Google’s Blogger blog-creation tool and BlogSpot hosting service fell victim to the biggest ‘splog’ attack yet–an assault that led to clogged RSS readers, overflowing inboxes, and may have manipulated search engine rankings. The splogger used automated tools to manipulate the service and create thousands of fake blogs with links to specific Web sites.”

Since I have an genuine interest in blogging, I clicked the heck out of the links in the news story, seeing what other information I could glean from it. One WAY COOL link lead me to a screen shot / web cam with voice over of Chris Pirillo, who demonstrates this nasty splog attack in action. Although the majority of Pirillo video consists of him saying “,” (twenty-seven times, to be exact… and yes, I’m sick for actually counting them) it’s a great way to see what’s going on rather than just hear about it.