SpamAssassin software installation project plan

Our SpamAssassin Software Installation Project Plan will help you track project milestones, roles and responsibilities, and risks. The comprehensive package will make SpamAssassin installation a no-brainer.

Preparing a project plan is not an easy task, especially when it involves a large-scale technology change like a SpamAssassin software installation. Often, for IT pros, creating the project documentation required to get a technology initiative under way is an onerous task. Since it is our mission to give IT pros the tools they need to get their jobs done, TechRepublic has created a project plan that does most of this work for you.

Our SpamAssassin software installation project plan comes in a customizable format that allows you to add variables specific to your organization. Included with this package is an Excel spreadsheet that will record and automatically format your project milestone dates into an easy-to-read timeline, and a template that will help you document each person's roles and responsibilities. We've also included an Excel template to use for identifying and managing risks throughout your project.

Want to see an actual project plan?

To get a better idea of how extensive our project plans are, check out the table of contents and three sample pages from Windows NT to Windows Server 2003 Migration Project Plan.

What's included

The following are highlights of this extensive project plan:

Project scope

  • The activities that the software is expected to perform. It works by first checking all incoming e-mails for possible traits of spam. It then moves the spam to a specific mail folder or deletes it. The computer users come to know about the unsolicited bulk e-mails filling their inboxes by checking either the Spam or the Trash folder.
  • A deliverable in the form of modifying headers of mails so that suspicious mails can be deleted.

Project/Business Alignment

This section helps you identify how the project aligns with department-, business-unit-, and company-wide goals, such as:

  • Reducing manual work. Individual users will have fewer mails to delete, thereby directly increasing productivity.
  • Eliminating the need for buying greater capacity servers to handle spam traffic.
  • Reducing the cost of employing a separate task force to fight the spam nuisance.

Completeness and correctness criteria

This deliverable contains the metrics by which the project manager will determine the success or failure of the project as a whole and will include:

  • Successful deployment of software to servers
  • Successful deployment of software to desktops
  • Successful addition of header information in the black list, in case of detection of the spam mails.

Project milestones

We provide milestones for marking key points on your project's critical path. These include but are not limited to:

  • Vision/Scope completion
  • Formation of a preliminary team.
  • Preliminary design.

Project risks

This project plan includes metrics to help you estimate project staffing, and it lists common risks associated with the installation of SpamAssassin. The project plan's Excel template can be used for identifying risks and managing them throughout your project.

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