Get more mileage from your command prompt sessions by taking advantage of these timesaving tricks.

Working from the Windows command prompt can expedite all sorts of tasks, especially if you know a few shortcuts. These articles offer tips to help boost your command prompt proficiency.

1: Avoid Frustration and Display a Full Windows Command-Prompt History

You don’t have to waste time cycling through your command history list with the arrow keys. This simple tip lets you display a full listing of all the commands you’ve entered in a current session.

2: TechRepublic community shines again with better command-prompt tips

In response to the previous tip, TechRepublic members shared their favorite command prompt tricks. See how you can save time using function keys, easily switch directories, and take advantage of a couple of batch files to log your command-line sessions and extract information from the log.

3: Use the PushD command to create a quick temporary drive map in Windows XP

When you’re working in the command prompt, you don’t have to switch to Windows Explorer and use Tools | Map Network Drive to create a temporary drive map. Just stay put and use the PushD and PopD commands to create and disconnect the network drive.

4: Get a better view of the Windows XP Tree command with Word

Using the Tree command to research the folders on your Windows XP hard disk can give you results fast — too fast, in fact. This tip shows you how use Word to view a Tree you can read in detail and at your own pace.

5: Copy and paste from Windows XP Pro’s command prompt straight to the Clipboard

The Clip.exe command-line tool lets you send command output directly to the Clipboard instead of using the Mark and Copy commands on the command prompt’s Edit menu.

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