Stack Overflow for Teams helps internal developer groups improve communication

The private version of the popular developer community platform can help teams from 10-500 developers increase efficiency.

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Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:
  • Stack Overflow for Teams is a private platform that allows development teams of any size quickly find answers to questions without disrupting their workflow.
  • Stack Overflow for Teams includes features such as unlimited private questions and answers, an intuitive archiving feature, and seamless integration into the workflow.

On Thursday, online developer community Stack Overflow launched Stack Overflow for Teams, a platform that allows development teams of any size to ask questions and communicate more efficiently.

Teams turns Stack Overflow's Q&A format into a private, internal platform where developer team members can find answers to their questions quickly without disrupting their workflow, according to a press release. (It should not be confused with Microsoft Teams, an enterprise chat and collaboration platform.)

The platform aims to solve the problem of developers having to search through internal wikis and documentation that may be outdated, or chat platforms where information is lost, according to the release. Teams is intuitive and searchable, and answers can be crowd-sourced and edited by colleagues. The platform will grow as the team grows, and will allow members to easily find the most up-to-date information.

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"By and large, developers just want to get on with their work," Joel Spolsky, co-founder and CEO of Stack Overflow, said in a press release. "Our Teams platform not only allows developers to quickly find the answer they need to keep working, but it also allows them to share their own knowledge internally, increasing the expertise and productivity of their teams."

Stack Overflow for Teams allows team members to ask an unlimited number of questions, unlike past internet wikis, the release noted. Users can tag their posts by topic to more easily sort through questions and answers, and will see related questions and answers as well. Developers can create member profiles that state each user's specific skillset, so team members know who to consult internally if they need more information.

Teams integrates with tools like Slack, so the Q&A can fit seamlessly into a team's existing workflow and communication process, the release noted.

"We needed a good way of passing down knowledge between team members, because we saw the same questions being asked over and over in our instant message channels," Tim Golen, engineering lead at Expensify, said in the release. "Almost immediately, we found that the Search function in Teams returned relevant results in a quicker, more accurate way than chat would. We anticipate Stack Overflow for Teams increasingly becoming our go-to resource for knowledge-sharing."

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