The Stack Overflow Salary Calculator, released Tuesday, allows developers to input certain pieces of information to determine what a typical salary would be for their role. The tool, which was built on data from Stack Overflow Developer Survey, could make life easier for developers when they are looking for a job or or making the case for a promotion.

One of the main drivers behind Stack Overflow’s decision to create the calculator was what it had seen with its own job postings, the firm said in a press release: Job postings that included salary information gained 75% more clicks than postings without that information.

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While there are a plethora of soft skills and other aspects that play into a job offer or salary decision, Stack Overflow has identified the following five inputs that its calculator is based on:

  1. Location
  2. Education
  3. Years of professional coding experience
  4. What kind of developer you are
  5. Which technologies you use professionally

Geography, or where a developer lives and works, is perhaps the biggest factor when determining salary. Currently, the calculator only works for jobs in the US, Canada, the UK, France, and Germany. Among these countries, the US provides the highest median salary for developers by a large margin, the release said. Stack Overflow is also looking into expanding the calculator to other countries in the future.

Using IP addresses, Stack Overflow also found disparities among certain metro areas within a country, the release said. For example, San Francisco and Seattle developers have higher salaries than the US national average.

Certain types of developers also come out on top when it comes to salary. DevOps specialists, data scientists, and embedded applications or devices developers were the top three earners, according to Stack Overflow data.

In terms of tools used, general tools like JavaScript won’t affect salary one way or another, according to the release, but that could be because JavaScript is table stakes among developers. However, more nuanced skills in React.js or AWS, for example, did lead to better pay.

The calculator uses multiple linear regression to come up with its salary range results, which Stack Overflow predicts will apply to about 50% of the people with those same characteristics. Pay will be presented in local currency. To improve the calculator, Stack OverFlow said that developers can submit their own salary, which will be kept private.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Developers can use Stack Overflow’s Salary Calculator to determine the typical salary for someone with their same characteristics.
  2. Location is the biggest determining factor in salary, with jobs in the US offering much better salaries than other countries in the calculator.
  3. DevOps specialists and data scientists, or developers who have specialized skills in React.js or AWS, can net better pay.