Star-crossed governors

Who was the third Predator star to run for governor of a U.S. state?

We asked which actor in the movie Predator also became a candidate for governor, making a trio of future gubernatorial candidates in the 1987 sci-fi/action film, along with Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura and aspiring California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sonny Landham, who played the Native-American commando Billy in Predator, filed his candidacy for governor of Kentucky in late 2002. Originally a Republican candidate, Landham switched to an independent ticket when it became clear he would not succeed at gaining his party's nomination.

The political fates—specifically fundraising problems—did not smile any more kindly upon Landham's independent efforts. In mid-June, he withdrew from the 2003 Kentucky governor's race and endorsed Republican nominee Ernie Fletcher.

The central focus of Landham's campaign was a radical overhaul of Kentucky's recently created Family Court system. He also promised a one-third reduction in all state taxes, despite a record state budget deficit that has both major-party candidates struggling with potential tax reform and spending overhauls.

Thus, Landham's brief political aspirations met the same fate as his Predator character--willful destruction. (In the film, Billy fought a suicide stand against the alien Predator to let his comrades escape.)

But despite Landham's less-than-stellar political performance, he nonetheless put Predator over the top as one of the most candidate-heavy (not to mention trivia-friendly) movies in Hollywood history. Who said action flicks have no redeeming value?