Well, it’s official, Stargate SG-1 has been cancelled:

“SCI FI Channel is proud to be the network that brought Stargate SG-1 to its record-breaking 10th season. … Having achieved so much over the course of

the past 10 years, SCI FI believes that the time is right to make this

season their last on the channel. SCI FI is honored to have been part

of the Stargate legacy for five years, and we look forward to continuing to explore the Stargate universe with our partners at MGM through a new season of Stargate Atlantis.”

Color me mildly saddened. I truly enjoyed SG-1, though I also believe the soul of the show was lost when Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O’Neill) and Don S. Davis (General Hammond) left. When TechRepublic members debated the best Stargate episode, they agreed with my assessment–the show peaked at the end of Season 7, and has merely been looking for ways to stay on the air ever since.

The current Ori storyline never caught my interest, nor the ham-handed introduction of convoluted Arthurian myth. I also never warmed to Stargate Atlantis, which seemed overly fixated on action, rather than some of the more intriguing hard science/mythology mashups that powered SG-1. Honestly, Atlantis was like a lobotomized version of SG-1 for most of its first season, so I never really got into it. Executive Producer Robert C. Cooper swears SG-1 will go on in some form, but I seriously hope he’s wrong. Better no Stargate than bad Stargate. (Have we learned nothing from the debacles that were Star Trek: Voyager and Enterprise?)

However, those of you looking for one last super-fix of SG-1 goodness may have some relief ahead of you. Cartoonist Leah Rosenthal has some snarky little send-ups of SG-1 tropes and characters on her Web page. From the looks of things, she feels the same way about the Ori as I do…

How are we going to deal with the Ore-I?!