In early October, Melbourne will get its own version of the StartupCamp project that saw three new technology start-ups launched last weekend.

(Credit: Steve Woods)

The Sydney StartupCamp event was held from Friday night until Sunday afternoon last weekend, and saw 20 would-be entrepreneurs congregate in the offices of Sydney tech incubator Geekdom. It took three start-ups through the whole process from conception to launch. Now it’s Melbourne’s turn.

The Melbourne StartupCamp event will be held from 3 to 5 October. The project’s planning page lists the location as the offices of boutique IT consultancy Kisla Interactive, which appears to be run by Maxim Shklyar.

So far 11 people have signed up to attend, including well-known IT consultant Michael Specht and former TechCrunch writer and current Inquisitr blogger Duncan Riley.

“This is not just for coders, we’re looking for an even distribution of graphic designers, marketing/public relations and coders,” the project’s site states.

“Also people who have other skills like journalists, video producers, writers or anyone who can help out in some way are welcome. You don’t need to be a superstar to join, as long as you’re excited, driven, put in 147 per cent and have an open mind.”

My tip to the organisers: make sure to drop me a line at my email address,, with any press releases or quotes and photos from the event.

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