Great news for Mac users! Steganos, a European market leader for consumer encryption software, is for the first time offering third party VPN software for the Mac community. The service allows Mac OS users to securely and anonymously connect to the Internet, an option that the company had made available to Windows users for many months. The service will enable Mac users to securely and anonymously surf using wireless connections from their homes, businesses, and Wi-Fi hotspots.

Excerpt from article at MacNewsWorld:

The software creates an encrypted tunnel between a user’s computer and one of the Steganos VPN servers. This tunnel uses SSL encryption. This encryption method is typically used for online banking and e-commerce sites to protect all data from interception, including access from the customer’s Internet service provider (ISP). The Steganos security service protects Internet activities like surfing, blogging, instant messaging, e-commerce and the use of file sharing networks by resending the encrypted data and anonymizing or concealing the true location of the wireless connection.

The company maintains its own server farms to ensure optimum user surfing experience and claims that the only information that it records is packet sizes for billing information.

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The software requires Mac OS X 10.4 and 50 Mb of free space. Pricing model for the product is $14.95 a month for 25 gigabytes of traffic or $99 annually for 25GB of traffic per month. The company also plans to roll out more software tailored for the Mac community in the future.