If you support Novell GroupWise users, you may want to add another level of security to your e-mail system. By using GroupWise Rules, you can automatically and safely move suspicious e-mails containing attachments to a special holding folder where they can be handled without accidentally opening them or their attachments.

Trap those VBS attachments
Since the majority of new viruses are being spread through e-mail that has an attachment with a .vbs extension, I created a rule (see Figure A) in GroupWise that moves all received messages with an attachment that contains .vbs to a folder called Potential Virus. That way, I can deal with each message more carefully.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create a new folder in your cabinet called Potential Virus.
  2. Click Tools | Rules | New.
  3. Under When Event Is, select New Item and Received.
  4. Under Item Types, select Mail.
  5. Click Define Conditions, select Attachments, then select Contain, and then type .vbs.
  6. Under Then Actions Are, click Add Action, select Move To Folder, and select the Potential Virus folder.
  7. Click Save.

Figure A
Here you can see the configured rule. Click Save and you are ready to go.

Be notified when a virus arrives
After you create the rule, you’ll probably want to add the Potential Virus folder to your list of folders to select for notifications. This action will notify you when a suspicious e-mail is found and moved to this folder. To do this, just right-click the Notify icon in the System Tray, select Options, and click on the Potential Virus folder to highlight it. Then click OK.

Protect your end users
If you create this rule for all your users, tell them to immediately call technical support if any e-mails appear in the Potential Virus folder. While no prevention method is foolproof, this technique will give you one more layer of protection from e-mail .vbs viruses.

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