Leopard: was it worth all the hype? The easy answer is no, it’s hard to match the hype generated by Steve’s loyal flock.

For those that were rabidly foaming at the mouth to get their hands on it last Friday night, I can only assume that they are pleased — it would be hard to change that sort of dedication.

As for the rest of the population, is it more than Tiger with a bling update?

Undoubtedly so, this lastest update of OS X doesn’t play with others as well as its predecessor. Currently within the office here, there are quite a number of Tiger machines and one Leopard laptop. The laptop has the advantage of not being able to connect to the Active Directory and all the assorted fun that comes with that.

On the home front, a Mac Mini that resides under the idiot box has been upgraded from Tiger, then had a clean install of Leopard and in the end finally reverted back to Tiger — after a number of problems trying to mount samba shares and kicking up a stink at certain other mounts from time to time. Considering that all this was working fine in Tiger, it does make one wonder whether the actual “idiot box” is the TV, the Mac Mini or the user? Early form suggests the latter, but the Mac Mini option is closing the gap.

Perhaps Apple’s blue screen of death for Windows boxes is a sign that you shouldn’t go near them unless you want the spinning sprite of death.

Yet another delayed operating system with problems, there’s a pattern emerging here.

In the world beyond Apple this week (yes, it does exist), we wrapped up our coverage of the recent MAX conference with four video interviews.

We also welcome Ivar Jacobson to our blogs with his first entry appearing today.

Thankfully the Builder Bureau of Meteorology is predicting rain for the weekend, it will be give me a chance to tangle with that big cat of an OS again. This time I’m coming prepared with chair and whip.