The Bloomberg financial newswire accidentally publishes Steve Jobs obituary.


I know that it’s standard in the news biz to prepare obituaries for well-known people in advance and add details once the death actually occurs. This cuts down on errors made in a last-minute rush. It’s a borderline creepy practice, but I guess I can see the need.

But I wonder how Steve Jobs felt last week when his obituary rolled off the newswire? Yep, somebody at the Bloomberg financial newswire pushed some button or clicked some text box prematurely, and the obit hit the streets. It was pulled almost immediately, but you can see its contents in this article from

One really strange aspect of the report are the accompanying reporting notes — a list of people to call in the event of Jobs’ death, which includes his ex-girlfriend Heidi Roizen and California attorney general Jerry Brown.

The obit reads like a macabre resume. Because Jobs is such a public figure due to his Apple career, that’s the main focus of the obit. It talks about his meteoric rise and some of the unusual behaviors that marked that rise, such as his sometimes being mercurial and screaming at his employees.

I wonder if Jobs himself sees his life in terms of career milestones and, if not, what the experience of reading his own obituary must have been like.