As details emerge in the investigation around the arrest of Kariem McFarlin — police allege McFarlin, 35, stole $60K in Apple iPads, iMacs, jewelry, and personal papers and other goods from the late Apple co-founder and chair Steve Jobs’ Palo Alto, CA home — a colorful character emerges, too.

Meet Kenny the Clown.

Kenny the Clown — he legally is Kenneth Kahn, 47, of Alameda — unwittingly aided the investigation, police say. Authorities allege McFarlin gave his old friend Kahn a stolen 64GB late model Apple iPad that belonged to Jobs.

After the late July burglary of Jobs’ Waverley Street home, investigators tracked IP address usage to devices in McFarlin’s possession — and also to that 64GB Apple iPad at the home of Bay Area clown for hire, Kenny the Clown, they say. McFarlin is in custody and has since apologized, police add.

Police have not charged the clown and say Kahn wasn’t even aware the iPad — a “gift” from his old friend, McFarlin, police say — belonged to Steve Jobs. The clown didn’t attempt to clown around with email, documents, or any other files on the tablet, with the exception of downloading two songs in iTunes. That’s what helped connect the stolen tablet to McFarlin, police say.

Kahn is fast gaining Kato Kaelin -like local celebstatus. That’s got to be good for the clown business. Kenny the Clown won accolades for his performances at San Francisco’s touristy Fisherman’s Wharf in 2008. In the following video, he juggles fire to the tune of Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones.

His @KennyTheClown Twitter stream is humming, too.

Journalists are Direct Messaging the clown for photos, yet all the Kenny the Clown photos you’d ever want to see lie unprotected here — via the Kenny the Clown Facebook profile Timeline.

The clown biz is serious. Here’s the Linked In account profile for Kenny the Clown Entertainment.

Kahn made two unsuccessful bids for mayor in elections in Alameda and San Francisco, the Associated Press reports.

Naturally, Kenny the clown has a YouTube channel. What self-respecting Silicon Valley clown wouldn’t?

The suspected burglar in the case, McFarlin, remains in custody. A judge set his bail at $500,000, according to the California Department of Corrections. At this writing, he awaits arraignment at the Santa Clara County Jail. Here are his inmate records.

The clown remains free and easy.

McFarlin, who police say has written an apology letter to Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene, is scheduled to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty on Monday, August 20, 2012.

According to the police, McFarlin says he was “desperate” for the money. Among the goods stolen, police say, were Steve Jobs’ personal wallet, California drivers license, and other papers. The suspect McFarlin is cooperating with authorities, they add.