Apple and Steve Jobs made a huge splash by introducing the newest iPhone. Coinciding with that launch as well as our photo gallery on the Mac Classic, I found this video from YouTube. It shows a much MUCH younger Steve Jobs introducing the original Macintosh back in 1984.

Steve still has the same twinkle in his eye and impish grin, but the rest has changed. Gone today are the tuxedos and long hair. The venues are much larger, and the machines much more powerful. Even an iPod nano is more powerful than a 1984 Mac. One thing that hasn’t seemed to change is the response that Steve can get out of a crowd.

The Mac itself doesn’t look very impressive from a twenty-first century perspective, but compared to what else was available in 1984, it was far ahead of its time. It always struck me as strange that they didn’t introduce color on the first few versions of the Mac. EGA graphics on the PC were just starting by 1984, and Apple had a good opportunity to really nail graphics even better. Chances are the CPU and graphics chips of the time were having a hard enough time pushing a black-and-white GUI, let alone one in color, as Windows 1.0 showed just a couple of years later.