Steve Jobs, arguably America’s most successful chief executive, has died at the age of 56. He is being referred to as tech’s greatest visionary and one of the most charismatic, brilliant and energetic people in the world. So it’s ironic that Jobs was once forced out of Apple, the company he co-founded in 1976 with his high-school friend Steve Wozniak. But as we all know, 12 years later, he was asked to come back. I think Jobs’ life and career offers some valuable lessons for those tech pros out there who have been let go from their jobs and who can’t seem to find a way to bounce back.

In this partial video from a 2003 interview he did with 60 Minutes, Jobs talks about his own situation and how he felt about going back to Apple. (He also answers the dreaded “What’s your biggest strength/weakness?” question with his customary poise.)