One thing I’ve noticed about people who work in technology is that we’re never short on opinions. Whenever I feel my area of expertise covers a topic of discussion, I express my position. But when does a technology expert stop offering opinions and start creating solutions?

As app developers, we have the chance to influence people’s lives by helping them use their computing devices to the fullest potential — this transforms us from problem creators to problem solvers. If you can create technology that solves problems, then you have every right to complain about the problem you solved. Actions speak louder than words and, in the case of app development, those words are usually code.

Three steps you can take

Create a new model

As technologies have progressed, so have the business models that make that technology work. The “freemium” business model is one that has solidified its existence with many thanks to apps. Banner advertising and other forms of embedded ads have become standard practice thanks to the Internet. New technologies and new models can create widespread change if they work. If you can create a new model for technology to function, you can implement change.

Create a new platform

The task of creating a new platform can be overwhelming, but it can be simplified and broken down into manageable parts. You do not have to create hardware, an OS, and an ecosystem to create a platform; if you create a system that enables people and that system becomes adopted, you have a platform. Many successful technology companies were built on creating a platform for users.

Create a new channel

There are many places online where people can share their views, but there are still opportunities to discover and explore new channels or sub-categories of niches that already exist.


Voicing about what does not work without providing a solution is merely complaining. I think IT pros, and especially app developers, should use their abilities to propose solutions to technology problems.