When you reply to an e-mail, Outlook stores a copy of that message in the Sent folder. If you’re like me, your Sent folder has thousands of messages. If you need to find a specific message later, you must sort through all those messages, and that takes time.

Instead, you might your replies with the original message. For instance, suppose you automatically route all your messages from your boss into a folder named, appropriately enough, MyBoss. If you want Outlook to store your replies in MyBoss with the original messages, do the following:

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Options.
  2. On the Preferences tab (which should be selected by default), click E-mail Options in the E-mail section (Figure A).

Figure A

  1. Click Advanced E-mail Options at the bottom of the Message Handling section (Figure B).

Figure B

  1. In the Save Messages section, select the In Folders Other Than The Inbox, Save Replies With Original Message check box (Figure C) and then click OK three times to return to Outlook.

Figure C

Outlook will apply this setting to all of your personal folders. Just remember that Outlook saves replies with the original message and not in the Sent folder only when the original message is in a folder other than the Inbox. Outlook continues to save all replies sent from messages in the Inbox in the Sent folder