Streamline Active Directory administration with scripting

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Point and click graphical administration is one way to get a job done, but scripting offers faster and more versatile methods. Learn how to administer your AD environment with these scripts.

Automation is one of the key foundations of the computing realm, but some people are still performing manual tasks in Active Directory. This can happen because it might seem quicker to do so, or possibly more reliable and secure. Many IT shops are plagued by an endless stream of “fix now” emergencies that can impede or prevent staff from taking the time to learn and implement shortcuts to do their jobs more rapidly.

Scripting has been around for decades, but it can be a hard field for system and network administrators to break into since it’s really a combination of programming and administration. Visual Basic is one of several types of scripting; Windows Powershell, Windows Script Host and simple batch files are other examples.

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Use Tech Pro Research's toolkit to find out more about how you can use Active Directory scripts. The scripts provided with this document are not original – they were made public by their authors, to whom full credit at the top of each script file. The purpose of this guide is to showcase each script and explain how they can be valuable to you. 

Download Tech Pro Research's Toolkit: A roundup of 21 Active Directory scripts for Windows.

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