If you are reasonably cautious about keeping your


software and firewall configured properly and especially if you aren’t


enough to open every single stranger e-mail promising a glimpse of

porno, you

probably won’t experience any serious malware attack so I haven’t been

driven in desperation to abandon all my favorite programs and buy a

more expensive Mac.


But there are still things about Microsoft’s operating

systems which drive me absolutely up the wall.


Is there anything worse than not having an easy way to

configure Word to ALWAYS display the latest files I’ve worked on? Why

isn’t there a simple way to configure the dialog to ALWAYS default to

the desired “details” VIEW?

Sometimes one view shows up, somethimes another

and, since I get complaints about this all the time from clients I KNOW

I’m not the only one who cares.

My install of Office XP also seems to have some glitch which causes it to close improperly about 8 times out of 10, triggering annoying error messages I can’t do anything about and hiding

my latest files when I reboot. They aren’t damaged, they are still

where I put them, but they don’t show up unless I search for them. That

only happens once or twice a week when I am forced to reboot for some

reason, so it isn’t nearly annoying enough to force me to reinstall XP Office and discover new and exciting bugs.

 So, is there anything worse than these periodic file storage annoyances in Word?

Yes, there is.

I happen to have several old computers which only have USB1

hubs. They also don’t have room for a new USB board which would give those old

systems USB 2.0.

 I know this. If it were important

to me I would fix it

somehow. But the point is that I have no need for the extra speed of

USB 2.0 on these particular PCs and, besides, I ALREADY KNOW about the


 So, why does Microsoft program XP to constantly pop up error
messages reminding me of this?

 I can understand one error message, one time, or even once when I reboot, with an option to shut off the useless
warning, but three warnings every single time I turn on my monitor or plug in an external USB hard drive?

 What idiot decided this was necessary but was too dumb to

simply have the software perform a further check to see that there IS no USB

2.0 port I can switch to?

I do not suffer fools gladly and, if I had the

option, the one who programmed this stupidity would be fired instantly

and permanently banned from the programming profession.