Submit your best administrator troubleshooting tips

Wouldn't it be great to have a set of troubleshooting tips that collects the wisdom of your techie peers? We're putting together such a collection. Send us your best troubleshooting tips, and we'll compile them into a download. You could even win a prize.

One of the most frustrating aspects of troubleshooting a technology problem is knowing that other IT professionals have probably encountered it before you—yet you can't find any documentation that leads to a resolution. Sure, some problems are specialized and may apply to just a small aspect of one application. But many other problems are common and involve the general workings of an operating system, a hardware platform, or a popular enterprise application.

To make solutions to such problems a little easier to get your hands on, we've decided to harness the collective troubleshooting wisdom of the IT professionals at TechRepublic. We're asking you to submit your best troubleshooting tips. Think back and remember those problems that made you pull your hair out and bang your head against the wall. Then, send us a description of the problem and a detailed explanation of the solution.

When you submit your tips, you can either send them directly in an e-mail message or you can write them up in a DOC file and attach it to your message. You are also welcome to attach screen shots to your e-mail message if it will help to illustrate your problem and/or solution. If possible, please send the screen shots in TIF format.

We'll collect all of these submissions, select the best ones, and then publish them in a single document that you will be able to download from our Web site in DOC and PDF format. The three TechRepublic members who submit the best set of tips, as judged by our editors, will receive a prized TechRepublic coffee mug.

Here are the categories that we will use to organize the tips when we publish them:
  • Windows
  • NetWare
  • Linux/UNIX
  • Security
  • Hardware/Infrastructure
  • Miscellaneous

Start racking your brain and send us your best tips as soon as possible.

All troubleshooting tips that are submitted become the property of TechRepublic to publish.


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