Writing a cost benefit analysis (CBA) is standard procedure for major capital projects. But a simplified CBA can also be a valuable tool for less complicated proposals.

Download our simple cost benefit analysis proposal outline and sample to use as a guide. The sample proposal will help you cover all the important points you need to present to convince your manager that your idea is a good one that will benefit the company.

A simple cost benefit analysis can help make the case for your proposal. You may need to complete a more detailed analysis if the cost of your proposal is over your company’s capital budget threshold, but using this simple CBA method may convince your boss that your idea should be promoted from a proposal to a project.

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This download, based on a cost benefit analysis submitted by TechRepublic member David Crowe, offers an outline you can use to make sure your proposal covers all the bases.

Crowe’s CBA focused on a proposal to buy antivirus software from a different vendor than his employer was using. We altered Crowe’s proposal to fit the format of our proposal outline and to remove the names of the companies he used in his real-life example, which illustrates just how effective a simple cost benefit analysis can be.

For more information, check out “Learn to write a convincing cost benefit analysis.”

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Of course, if your proposal is larger in scope and expense, you may need to complete a more comprehensive CBA. The following TechRepublic resources can help:

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It’s time to download our simple cost benefit analysis proposal outline and sample and get started on presenting your best ideas.