Sun is revamping, refreshing, and rewriting Fortran as “Fortress”, a new language designed to automagically split work up amongst logical cores:

This may be just the kick in the pants that the T1 Niagara CPUs need to run circles around the AMD and Intel CPUs: while the hardware may be slower, better compilers/interpreters might just do the trick. I have been saying for some time that progrzmmers are holding back our hardware, because they have been stuck in the single threaded mindset for too long to take advantage of newer hard Especially since much of it, like the mid-range Intel and AMD CPUs, as well as the T1 run single threads slower than their predecessor did.

Too bad it is from Sun, which means that they will find a way to make it technical amazing, but impossible for a mere mortal to use (see also: Solaris, Java for much of its life when backwards compatability was a joke).