Sun, Mars and other planetary news

It's been a busy week for Sun Microsystems, Adobe has to do all the work for iPhone flash and we look at each browser's marketshare.

Here's something you likely already knew: it's up to Adobe to do the hard yards to get Flash onto the iPhone. This was confirmed by Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen this week when he said: "The onus is on us to deliver". I for one would not be holding my breath waiting for iPhone Flash to appear.

It's been a busy week for Sun Microsystems; at the start of the week they lost their Australian MD and yesterday MySQL founder Monty Widenius moved on to start his own company.

On the not-so-gloomy side of Sun, chief open-source officer Simon Phipps, gave an insight into how Sun handles large open-source projects such as OpenOffice and Open Solaris.

The pecking order of IE alternatives changed during the week. With IE marketshare continuing its downward trend to 67.55%, Firefox now has a 20.78% share, Safari 8.29%, and Chrome has overtaken Opera at the bottom of the browser pile with 1.12% vs 0.7%.

Just in case you started to find our own planet too boring to look at, Google has rolled out maps of Mars in Google Earth.

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