Correction: We incorrectly reported that MySQL 5.1 had been released, MySQL 5.1 has not been released yet. The new features described below will be included in the latest release.

Sun Microsystems has released the updated 5.1 version of the MySQL open source database software it recent acquired, promising improved performance and management of larger database applications.

“If our users initially choose MySQL because of its low cost, they continue to use MySQL for its high performance, scalability and broad platform support,” said Marten Mickos, Sun’s SVP of its database group, on the MySQL website. “MySQL 5.1 continues this tradition by performing up to 15 percent faster than previous versions in our own internal tests — making it a compelling solution for demanding web-based enterprise applications.”

The new features introduced are table and index partitioning, row-based and hybrid replication and event scheduler and a new upgrade advisor in MySQL Enterprise Monitor.

Table and index partitioning improves query response times, by scanning only the relevant partitions of data, as opposed to the whole table or index.

In row-based replication, data changes are replicated between master and slave servers, while in hybrid replication SQL statements are used in addition to row-based replication.

The event scheduler sets up frequent SQL-based tasks for automatic execution on the database server, allegedly providing better support than CRON in Linux or Unix or the Microsoft Windows task scheduler.

The New Upgrade Advisor in MySQL Enterprise Monitor detects potential problems and provides advice on how to upgrade the database server to rectify the problem.

The new release will be able for Linux, Windows, Solaris 10, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IBM AIX and IBM i5/OS. MySQL 5.1 will be available as MySQL Community Server, MySQL Enterprise Server and MySQL Embedded Server, to cater for all audiences.