The “Father of Java” James Gosling has revealed that Sun will not be introducing a new API for MySQL but that it will likely do a lot more tuning work around it.

At the Sun Tech Days in Sydney, Gosling said many tools that handle databases use JDBC, an API that allows SQL statements to be executed in a common manner, and consequently Sun will not be developing a special API for them.

“Lots of folks like MySQL, but they also like the ability to be able to unplug one database and plug in another one […] if your IT department suddenly said, ‘No, you must use Oracle'”, he said.

Gosling said that Sun will be doing more tuning on the JDBC drivers for MySQL as well as making changes to MySQL to allow it to run on different architectures. One architecture Sun will be focusing on for tuning will be the Niagara 2 processer, he added.

“The performance of the database on some of these shared memory multi-processes can be really quite astonishing,” he noted.