Supercomputing can be a boon to organizations that analyze increasingly large, complex datasets, but the high price tag for those machines often puts them out of reach. But a new Supercomputing as a Service offering from Cray and Markley aims to make it easier and more affordable for data scientists and IT executives to access powerful computing capabilities that improve time to discovery and data-driven decision making.

Through the partnership, announced Tuesday, Markley, a provider of data center and cloud computing services, will provide Cray supercomputing technologies as a hosted offering. Both companies will collaborate on vertical and industry-specific applications as well, according to a press release.

Industries including life sciences, bio-pharma, aerospace, government, and banking can use supercomputing capabilities to work through complex research and data sets, and reduce time to market for new products.

“The need for supercomputers has never been greater,” said Patrick W. Gilmore, chief technology officer at Markley, in the press release. “For the life sciences industry especially, speed to market is critical. By making supercomputing and big data analytics available in a hosted model, Markley and Cray are providing organizations with the opportunity to reap significant benefits, both economically and operationally.”

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The first solution to come from the partnership will focus on the life sciences industry, and will feature the Cray Urikia-GX system, a complete, pre-integrated hardware-software solution. It also includes the Cray Graph Engine, which includes pattern-matching that takes advantage of the scalable parallelization and performance of the platform, according to the release.

“The Cray Urika-GX system is the first agile analytics platform that fuses supercomputing abilities with open enterprise standards to provide an unprecedented combination of versatility and speed for high-frequency insights, tailor-made for life sciences research and discovery,” the press release stated.

Cray and Markley plan to quickly expand their offerings to include Cray’s full line of infrastructure solutions.

Data continues to drive innovation in many life sciences organizations. And advances in technologies like genome sequencing are making the need for fast data analysis even greater, said Chris Dwan, who led research computing at both the Broad Institute and the New York Genome Center, in the press release.

This partnership marks another step closer toward the cloud enabling Everything as a Service. It also follows Cray’s launch of two new cluster supercomputers–the Cray CS-Storm 500GT and the Cray CS-Storm 500NX–last week, which will help enterprises work with demanding artificial intelligence (AI) workloads. Microsoft also partnered with Cray in December 2016, unveiling a collaborative work scaling the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit to run on a Cray XC50 supercomputer to get faster results.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

1. On Tuesday, Cray and Markley announced a partnership to provide Supercomputing as a Service, to make it easier and more affordable for data scientists and IT executives to access supercomputing capabilities for large data sets.

2. Supercomputing is especially useful in industries such as life sciences, bio-pharma, aerospace, government, and banking, that need to analyze complex data sets and strive to reduce time to market for products.

3. Cray recently announced the launch of two new supercomputers, as well as a partnership with Microsoft.