This week’s IT diary comes from a system administrator who works as a contractor for a large government agency.

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(SSDD) Get up and go through my usual morning routine with my wife, the cats, and the coffee. I check my pager, skim through my work e-mail, and browse the Web headlines for a while.

I pick up last night’s backups from the production customer service box; one of the database tapes got eaten. So I stuff a cleaning tape in the drive and rerun the backup routine right away (no one will notice). Next, I’m off to my building where I head straight to the LAN room to run the EDBUTIL on our Exchange databases. I’m able to take that box offline since it doesn’t get much traffic, and it’s not a “production” box anymore. While that’s running, I take care of the rest of the backups and check out the logs.

One of the techs from Network Services shows up to install our “DMZ” drops in a couple of our labs (See Monday). It was nice of Network Services to accommodate us so quickly since they are shutting off almost all the ports. We usually get pretty good service from them when it means less work for them in the future.

I chow down my lunch and catch up on more Web headlines. It has been unusually quiet today. In fact, the office has been strangely calm this week.

Three new computers show up. I configure them with our business apps and antivirus and put them aside. The dude with the bar-coding machine will be by tomorrow to bar code them.

Well, All’s Quiet on the Western Front. I’m gonna make a run for it.
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