Microsoft recently announced it is no longer developing software for the Smart Display. According to Microsoft, this sudden shift in development strategy is market driven. While never a heavy contender for the huge mobile computing market, there are nonetheless quite a few Smart Display’s deployed in corporate environments working as mobile “dumb” terminals. As a result, this announcement may come as a shock to users who have become dependent upon the unique mobile features of the Smart Display, as well as the IT professionals that support these devices.

Smart Display in a nutshell

In case you missed the marketing campaign that Microsoft and hardware manufacturers began about this time last year, the device allows users to access their PC remotely through a touch-screen display using the 802.11b wireless networking standard.

Microsoft never really marketed the Smart Display for long-term usability, focusing its efforts instead on early adopters. The company also ran into many roadblocks with Windows CE for Smart Displays, the software that runs the devices. Sales of Smart Displays have been sluggish since they were competing with lower cost laptops and that included hard drives. Perhaps the biggest blow for Smart Displays was the ever decreasing costs associated with wireless networking equipment that could turn any laptop into a “Smarter Display.”

To help bridge the gap from now until the time Smart Displays become extinct, there are still some active Internet resources and forums to help with troubleshooting. The list that follows should help get you through any troubleshooting emergency you might encounter until that fateful day comes:

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