Survey: Bringing sexy back with enterprise software

Okay, so enterprise software isn't a particularly racy topic, but it's essential for many companies. Take Tech Pro Research's newest survey on Enterprise Application Software (EAS).

Enterprise software might not get as much attention as other tech topics, but it's essential to many organizations and is, therefore, exciting in its own right. The term itself is complex, since enterprise software can apply to many components, including business intelligence, customer relationship management, and financial processing. There are dozens of vendors offering products, so it can get complicated figuring out which one to use.

Determining who is using Enterprise Application Software (EAS) and why, and who is satisfied and who is not, was the theme of last year's Tech Pro Research EAS survey. The resulting report, Research: IT leaders reveal misses, current trends and future of enterprise software, was a popular download on Tech Pro Research.

Take the newest enterprise software survey on Tech Pro Research, Tech Republic's premium content sister publication, and share your thoughts on the current trends and future of enterprise software. We'll compare the results to last year's report to let readers know the latest news.

Please take our survey and let us know more about enterprise software in your workplace. If you'd like a free copy of the research report, normally available only to Tech Pro Research subscribers, you'll have the option of entering your email address at the end of the survey.