Survey: How much do you know about blockchain?

TechRepublic's sister site, Tech Pro Research, wants to find out how much professionals know about blockchain and what (if anything) their companies are doing with it.

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Most people know blockchain as the secure ledger used to track transactions in cryptocurrency, but the technology is slowly being adapted to other business uses. In recent months, TechRepublic has reported on blockchain implementations including:

However, TechRepublic's sister site, Tech Pro Research, wants to find out where blockchain stands with regard to adoption in the mainstream business world. In a short survey, Tech Pro Research is asking business professionals the following questions:

  • What is your current level of knowledge about blockchain?
  • Have you had any experience using cryptocurrency or smart contracts?
  • Is your company researching, planning to use, or currently using blockchain?
  • How do you think blockchain will affect your industry?
  • Do you think blockchain will be a game changer in any industries?
  • What effects, if any, do you think blockchain will play in your daily life in coming years?

Click here to take Tech Pro Research's blockchain survey.

This survey takes about five minutes to complete and responses will be used in an upcoming Tech Pro Research report, which will be published in conjunction with a TechRepublic/ZDNet special feature about blockchain. Anyone who completes the survey can receive a free copy of the report, which is usually only available to paying subscribers.

For results from past Tech Pro Research surveys, see the following:

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