Survey: How will 5G transform business?

​Take this short, multiple choice survey and tell us about your company's 5G plans for the upcoming year.

How 5G is about to transform the enterprise

5G can't arrive fast enough. With its superior speed, low latency, and improved coverage, capacity, and density, it's no wonder that companies are eagerly anticipating this next generation of mobile internet connectivity. While 5G will be popularized via telecom carriers and the marketing of wire-cutting services, its biggest impact and returns will come from connecting IoT, edge computing, and analytics infrastructure with minimal latency.

What does that mean for your business or organization? We want to know. TechRepublic's sister site, Tech Pro Research is doing a survey to find out.

If you're familiar with your organization's 5G plans, we want your feedback. How will 5G affect your business? What is your company doing to prepare? Can your company's existing/legacy infrastructure systems take advantage of 5G? What may hinder your 5G adoption? Take the How 5G Will Transform Business survey and let us know.

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You'll be asked eight or fewer survey questions, plus a couple of demographic questions. Data from this survey will be used in an upcoming Tech Pro Research report. All responses are confidential.

All respondents will have a chance to enter their email at the end of the survey and receive a free copy of the resulting research report, which is normally only available to Tech Pro Research subscribers.

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