Survey: Is the hybrid cloud a viable solution for the enterprise?

Take Tech Pro Research's latest survey and tell us your thoughts on whether hybrid cloud solutions work for your organization.

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We've been talking about public cloud offerings for a few years now. It seems that many companies were slow to move to an all public cloud solution. In the past couple of years the term "hybrid cloud" has taken off as a safer alternative.

The hybrid cloud offers both an on premises solution as well as the ability to move into the public cloud should you choose to for something like disaster recovery, load balancing, or bursting capabilities. Companies are embracing the idea of having private and public clouds for the flexibility this solution offers as well as the ease with which we can now offer things like self-service portals to our end users.

Survey: The battle of the hybrid cloud vs. private cloud in the enterprise

Some companies still aren't on board with the idea of moving any of their data center into a public cloud solution, though. Many are worried about hidden costs, outages, and just basic lack of comfort with the newer technology from either management or the IT staff itself. Whether you're embracing the hybrid cloud now or not, it's becoming more prevalent and offers many advantages to a simple on-premises or pure private cloud solution.

TechRepublic's premium content sister site, Tech Pro Research, is conducting a survey to find out how the hybrid cloud is being used, and who is using or considering it. Please spend a few minutes taking Tech Pro Research's hybrid cloud survey and share your thoughts on the subject. The survey examines which vendors are favored for public and private cloud solutions, as well as any roadblocks that might hinder companies considering a hybrid cloud.

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