We’ve seen amazing technological breakthroughs since the dawn of the modern age, often considered to be from 1995 to present day. The foundation of the modern age is based on the rise of home computing, cellular phones, internet access and online commerce. Twenty years has given us an incredible array of new gadgets, habits and possibilities, but few are simply resting on their laurels.

To find out more about innovation within the enterprise, Tech Pro Research is conducting a survey to find out who is innovative enough to be a world changer.

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The pressure on companies to become faster, more efficient, and better automated continues to accelerate as we advance into the 21st century. The best business leaders use technology as one of their most important levers to drive innovation and progress, which in turn leads to better technology. After all, IT without innovation means simply maintaining the status quo – but nothing can remain stagnant in technology.

Innovation drives the concepts of change and evolution, two essential ingredients in the realm of information technology. In fact, given the necessity for new ideas, successful IT could very well be called “innovation technology.” In this survey we take a look at the wisdom which makes it happen and how the gears are turned.

Whether you’re on the front line or rear guard when it comes to innovation, consider the concept best represented by small startups or corporate behemoths (certainly Apple is most closely identified with the concept), or think the best is yet to come down the road as we build further potential, we’d like to hear your thoughts.

Please share your experiences, observations and views on the subject of innovation with Tech Pro Research. Respondents will receive a free copy of the resulting research report when it publishes in May.