Do low-cost
microservers have a place in datacenters in the future? These diminutive,
scaled-back servers can be packed into clusters to save space, energy and
money. Can they handle the tasks of a busy datacenter?

Tech Pro Research, which is TechRepublic’s premium content sister
publication, is conducting a survey to find out about the use of microservers now and in the future.

The survey focuses on the following areas:

  • Are microservers a
    significant innovation?
  • Future plans for
  • Reasons for using/not
    using microservers
  • Where microservers
    are being used
  • Preferred vendors
  • Microserver

Those who participate
in the survey will have the option to provide their email address for a free
copy of the resulting research report, which will publish in April. This
research report is normally available only to Tech Pro Research subscribers.