Older IT workers are valued for their IT knowledge and experience, and younger IT workers are desired for their willingness to work longer hours for lower wages, according to a recent poll of TechRepublic members.

The poll also showed that 37 percent of the IT workers who responded feel they have been discriminated against because of their age (Chart 1).

Chart 1

What is the top reason an organization should hire older workers? According to our survey, almost one third of the respondents said that older workers have a better overall knowledge of IT, while 26 percent believe older workers should be valued for their “life experience” (Chart 2). Another 27 percent of respondents said the age of a worker has no bearing on a worker’s value to a company.

Chart 2

Most of those who responded to the survey believe that organizations prefer younger employees because they will work for less money (Chart 3).

Another 15 percent thought that younger workers are perceived as being willing to work longer hours, while 19 percent said younger workers are hired because they fit the “company culture.”

Chart 3

Do you think your company or organization hired you because you are older and more experienced? Did they hire you because you are younger and more attuned to the latest and greatest technologies? Is everyone in IT really younger than their years because the job requires them to focus on the future? Start a discussion below or send us an e-mail.