The application service provider (ASP) model seems to be working well for most small- to medium-size enterprises, according to the results of our recent survey.

In a series of 10 questions in which members were asked if they were satisfied with various groupings of ASP products and services, every category of ASP received a majority of favorable responses. Members who represent small- to medium-size enterprises were asked to take the survey.

Here are the results:

  • Satisfaction levels were greatest for the ASP-based personal/desktop productivity applications, such as office suites, which netted an 86 percent combination of “Satisfied” and “Very satisfied” replies.
  • In second place, in terms of satisfaction, were the ASP-based collaborative applications like e-mail, messaging, and groupware. The “Satisfied” and “Very satisfied” answers accounted for 84 percent of those responding.

Which ASPs are meeting customer needs?
Which ASP models are having problems satisfying customers? According to our survey, 25 percent or more respondents said they were not satisfied in three categories. These included:

  • ASP-based functional applications for sales and financial uses (31 percent unsatisfied).
  • ASP-based business intelligence applications that perform analysis, data warehousing, and data mining (31 percent unsatisfied).
  • ASP-based online business applications (25 percent unsatisfied).

The other half of the 10 ASP categories fell somewhere in between those with the highest satisfaction ratings and those with the lowest.

Lastly, ASP-based enterprise applications have a satisfaction rating of 69 percent, the highest in the survey, but only 9 percent were very satisfied customers, the lowest in the survey.

Most people seem to be happy with their ASP-based application providers, but nearly a quarter of users weren’t. Are those good enough numbers to inspire you to consider an ASP? Tell us what you think in the discussion area below or send us a note.