The impact of the e-commerce revolution is being felt throughout small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), particularly in their IT shops. It’s one thing to provide services for a finite number of users, and quite another to offer up your services to the world through your Web site.

In several recent surveys, we have tried to take a snapshot of how businesses are reacting to these changes. And what we have found is that small- to medium-size companies are embracing the new e-marketplace while working diligently to augment their IT staffs to accommodate this different business climate.

It’s a whole new world
Gone are the days of waiting for a new business model to work itself out.

In the face of the new e-marketplace, company attitudes and core business practices are changing. Take a look at the next two graphics for evidence of that. What you will see is that during the past three years, companies have had to take a more aggressive stance to adopt new IT technologies. About 20 percent of companies have moved from a conservative approach to IT to a more aggressive one.

This push towards embracing e-commerce is also reflected in how quickly SMEs have entered the e-marketplace over the past few years.

For example, of the 73 percent of you that are hosting your own Web sites, more than 24 percent have been involved in e-commerce for less than a year. And about 36 percent have been involved in e-commerce for more than one year but less than two.

With 60 percent of respondents saying that their companies have moved into e-commerce just within the last two years, that begs the question as to how their IT shops have been able to keep up with such a dramatic change?

The answer is that a majority of companies (62 percent) are turning to outside sources to complement the efforts of their in-house IT staffs.

There is also a large contingent that outsources a certain amount of its IT infrastructure. For example, 30 percent of respondents are outsourcing network management functions.

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