Any customer relationship management (CRM) solution can come with a number of difficulties. Deciding where and how to obtain such a solution can be even more problematic. Do you buy a license or do you go with an application service provider (ASP)?

Gartner and TechRepublic teamed up to find out what TechRepublic members use CRM for and whether using a licensed solution or an ASP makes for a happier organization.

Here is what you told us in this survey:

What do you use CRM for?
It’s not surprising that the majority of you use your CRM solution for customer service issues. From what you told us, CRM also fits well into marketing and sales force automation areas.

How is the ASP treating you?
Of the 44 percent of you that receive CRM products via an ASP, most of you were generally satisfied with the service. Only a small percent rated their ASP as unsatisfactory.

Does a license make you happier?
The majority of you reported that you use a licensed solution and that, for the most part, a licensed CRM solution works well with your organization. Only 12.82 percent of you said you were not satisfied with your CRM product.

Here’s what you are using
We also asked you what CRM products, licensed or rented, you were using in your organization. The most popular ASPs were:

Popular licensed offerings from respondents were:

TechRepublic and Gartner want to thank everyone who participated in this survey. If you have anything to add about your CRM experience, please comment in the discussion below or drop us a line.