They look futuristic, but LCD monitors are beginning to find universal acceptance in today’s desktop world, according to a recent survey on TechRepublic.

This new LCD survey sheds some light on a past monitor survey on TechRepublic, which members had questioned in terms of whether laptops were included in the results. To help clarify, this latest survey focuses solely on desktop monitors.

Our figures indicate that while nearly all members reported having CRT monitors for their desktop machines, 41 percent said they had LCDs. (See Figure A.)
Figure A

In Question 2, the results show that over 40 percent of respondents either have LCD monitors only or both LCD and other types of monitors.

Recent developments in the LCD monitor market include higher resolutions accompanied by a significant price drop for the smaller viewing-area LCD monitors. Both of these features ranked highest on our respondents’ list of important attributes, with viewable image size coming in a close third.

While almost 42 percent of those who took the survey said they would be purchasing CRT monitors within the next year, nearly as many (35.1 percent) said they would be buying both CRT and LCD monitors. (See Figure B.)
Figure B

CRT monitors still reign supreme on the desktop, as price and resolution are top concerns.

When it comes to the most important justification for buying CRT monitors, the price you pay for equivalent sizes of monitors compared with LCDs was the most popular reason for more than three-quarters of those taking the survey.

The smaller amount of desktop space was the biggest incentive for two-thirds of our survey respondents to buy LCD monitors. One interesting statistic from this question is that 12 percent said the LCD’s immunity to flicker-producing electromagnetic fields would justify buying an LCD monitor. (See Figure C.)
Figure C

You can’t beat CRT prices or LCD space requirements.

However popular LCD monitors are becoming, it may be a long time before they capture the desktop share that CRT monitors now enjoy.

According to our survey results, more than three-quarters of desktop monitors are CRTs and fewer than 15 percent are LCDs. (See Figure D.)
Figure D

Most monitors on the desktop are CRTs.

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