Survey: The role of wearable tech in the enterprise

Wearable technology is an oft-discussed subject. But what does it mean to the enterprise? Take Tech Pro Research's wearables survey and share your thoughts.

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The topic of wearable tech, also known as wearables, provokes an array of opinions ranging from enthusiastic to derisive to uninformed. Some are thrilled about the concept, some think it goes too far in blurring the lines between technology and fashion, and still others haven't heard about them at all.

Whether you like the concept, hate it or have no opinion, this year will nevertheless see a huge advance in the wearable device space which is bound to echo throughout the business and consumer worlds - worlds have grown more and more intermeshed ever since the debut of the first Blackberry in 2003.

TechRepublic's premium content sister site, Tech Pro Research, is conducting a survey on wearables. The survey examines the potential that wearables hold for driving innovation in the field of business and see where they're scoring big as well as where they need growth opportunities. With that in mind, Tech Pro Research is eager to hear your opinions - or lack thereof - on the subject.

Wearable computing isn't a brand-new thing; it's been around before today but the concept has largely belly-flopped due to usability problems involving hardware sizes and limitations. These problems are being alleviated by new advances in technology which can provide better processing power, communication links, display quality and battery life. Hence the doors of possibility are opening.

Please take a few minutes to take the survey and share your thoughts including your familiarity with wearables, your interest in their possibilities and plans you or your organization may have for these devices. Are there explicit business purposes for wearables on your horizon? Do you have privacy or security concerns? Are they being self-supported by users or falling under the traditional IT ownership umbrella? Share your views on the "geek factor" and whether self-consciousness might play a role when it comes to approaching wearables.

If you'd like a free copy of the research report, normally available only to Tech Pro Research subscribers, you'll have the option of entering your email address at the end of the survey.