Unlike traditional fields of medicine and finance which evolve slowly, the realm of information technology undergoes a constant rapid change. A perfect example of the shift and upheaval inherent in technology operations can be seen in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement, which started small then spawned a colossal movement. BYOD triggered a rapid drift from companies providing business-owned mobile devices to employees bringing their own devices to work and having them hooked into the corporate environment. This wasn’t just about catering to employee choice (or demand), but a true win-win scenario; a good way to empower users to work more effectively on comfortable devices they were familiar with, as well as allowing businesses to reduce deployment and management costs.

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BYOD represents the theme of change in IT in the 21st century: working to improve operations and reduce cost while embracing innovation and new ideas in an agile and responsive fashion. However, due to the speed of change and the rise and fall of different priorities, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact areas which will shift.

The future is built by consensus, so Tech Pro Research, TechRepublic’s premium content sister site, is conducting a survey to hear from the community of C-level executives (CIO, CEO, CTO, etc.) and business thinkers to hear their views on where business technology is headed over the next three years. This includes advice, perspectives and opinions on both creating and reacting to the future. We want to look at the big trends and see what’s around the corner as well as what IT leaders are building for long-term solutions. Where are the priorities? What are the concerns? What stars are rising and which are falling?

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