With many working-from-home due to the coronavirus pandemic, communication between a company and its employees is needed more than ever. The global survey company SurveyMonkey announced new features and updates to its app integration with Microsoft Teams to facilitate a better way to stay connected, generate surveys, and collect feedback from each other.

Since March, when the coronavirus sent people home, SurveyMonkey app usage is up more than 90%, with more than 17 million users looking for answers to problems. SurveyMonkey has more than 100 integrations with companies (enterprise-grade features in privacy, security, collaboration, and compliance), but the company’s association with Microsoft Teams, which has more than 75 million daily active users, expands SurveyMonkey’s capabilities.

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Upgrades include expansion of multiple key elements to generate feedback directly through the team’s interface and keeping all data in a single place.

“The functionality of our Microsoft Teams app has improved significantly, from a one-question polling tool to creating surveys, scored quizzes, [and] access to relevant survey templates developed by our research experts,” said Samantha Bufton, senior vice president of product at SurveyMonkey. “Employee engagement is critical during this time and the added functionality will help users simply collect, share, and act on employee feedback right within Microsoft Teams.”

“Our integrations help organizations do important work all within the tools they are using and we’re thrilled to offer our latest Microsoft Teams features that will seamlessly improve the employee feedback experience and help users quickly act on data in our new remote workspace. Connections and collaboration are vital during these unprecedented times and empowering greater communication and acting on important employee feedback is the key to keeping people together even as we are all working apart,” said Bufton in a press release.

New features help enterprises, small- and mid-sized businesses to gather trends, ideas, and feedback throughout the organization, in order to make better data-driven decisions. Users can now:

  • Launch surveys and collect feedback on topics, including employee check-ins at workspace environments, virtual events, employee training, and more.

  • Create and send surveys, polls, and quizzes within Microsoft Teams so users have flexibility of multiple question types and preview surveys as they create them.

  • Use expert templates. The multiple template options created by SurveyMonkey research experts allow users to turn surveys around quickly. They can also create surveys entirely from scratch. Twenty-two available templates include training, meeting and project feedback, coronavirus remote work and work-life balance check-ins, leadership check-ins, employee engagement and satisfaction surveys, and career development surveys.

  • Analyze and share data directly from Microsoft Teams. An intuitive interface lets users securely capture feedback in-channel, and share it with advanced privacy settings with their teams.

“SurveyMonkey’s improved features will help people get more out of connections by providing feedback options and tools that are critical to company and personal wellbeing, especially while engaging with a remote workforce,” said Mike Ammerlaan, director of Microsoft 365 Ecosystem Marketing at Microsoft, in the same press release.

Bufton said, “We’ve seen a huge increase in SurveyMonkey app users within Microsoft Teams since March, so there is clearly a need for employees wanting to stay closely connected to one another. We hope that the latest updates will simply make it easier for users to do just that.”

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